Sultan Qaboos addresses Council of Oman fifth term for 2011

Sultan: Building a modern state we pledged required us to exert tremendous efforts to build infrastructure nationwide

Coming stage will see more care for youths

Khaled Al-Ma’awali wins presidency of Oman’s Shura Council

The following is the text of the Royal Speech at the opening of the Council of Oman’s fifth term:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise be to the Almighty who has promised those who are grateful further blessings. Prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Mercy to all nations, and to His family and companions. And to those who have followed their righteous path to the Day of Judgment.

Honorable members of the Council of Oman…

Dear Citizens…

In the name of God, the Most High, the Almighty, We inaugurate the Fifth Term of the Council of Oman on this blessed day, thanking God for His bounties, His abundant generosity and His providence to enable Oman to achieve further development, progress and prosperity, for He is the One Who responds to prayers.

We spoke before, on this same glorious occasion, about Oman’s Shura (consultation) experiment and about the gradual path we chose to build it on firm foundations and stable pillars that will ensure its natural growth, meet the requirements of each phase of national work, and also respond to the community’s needs and — by applying wisdom in its vision and in the implementation of its procedures – fulfill its aspirations of contributing more effectively to the decision-making process in the higher interest of the country and citizens.

Many notable achievements were made along the path of this blessed experience during the past phase, and as we express our thanks for the efforts exerted in this regard we are looking forward to a qualitative shift in national work which will be carried out by the Council of Oman during the upcoming period in the light of the expanded powers given to it in the legislative and auditing fields. There is no doubt that the challenges are enormous, but we are quite confident that all members of the Council will play their effective role and exert their utmost efforts for the sake of leading their beloved country onwards to greater honor, glory, progress and prosperity, security and stability, while putting before their eyes the enormous responsibilities incurred by their Council as a body which takes part in the decision-making process.

The members, as citizens seeking their country’s prominence, should also work continuously and relentlessly to ensure the success of plans aimed at consolidating the Sultanate’s economic, social and scientific potential to serve the common interest, and raise the country’s regional and international status and help it achieve its commitments at both local and foreign levels without any delay.

It is obvious that this requires more cooperation and coordination between government departments and the Council of Oman in particular, and between the two and the private sector, the civil societies and corporations in general.

Collaboration and cooperation between all responsible bodies and direct coordination between the departments and the exchange of opinions and consultation among those in charge is the way that leads to the success of national plans and programs in playing their desired role in comprehensive development and achieving its short and long-term goals in serving the present and future generations.

Honorable members of the Council of Oman…

Dear Citizens…

The building of a modern state which we pledged to establish since the first moment of the dawn of the Blessed Renaissance required us to exert big efforts in the field of establishing the infrastructure which is the pillar and first cornerstone of comprehensive development. The provision of this infrastructure – in all parts of the Sultanate – Praise be to God, has given a big opportunity for construction development in various cities and villages throughout Oman and paved the way for the establishment of many economic, commercial and industrial projects as well as different educational, cultural, health and social institutions. Any observer of daily life in Oman will see this quite clearly. And no wonder. Omanis have been, from ancient times, makers of civilization with their great historic heritage, their openness to other civilizations across the seas and oceans, and their ability to communicate and exchange mutual benefits with others.

This is why Omanis are well-qualified to be an example and a model for others to follow in this age of rapid development and progress, and why they are also capable of coping with the challenges of the modern age, and adopting every new enlightened idea, benefiting from sciences and new technology and at the same time always preserving the values and high principles that they believe in, and the traditions and authentic customs with which they were brought up.

We all know that progress is part of the reality of the universe we live in. However, many ways and means are required in order to achieve it. The first of these is a strong will and determination, and a readiness to face challenges and persist in one’s endeavors to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

Therefore every nation that desires to live—in the full meaning of the word – needs to roll up its sleeves and work tirelessly and diligently with dedication and the love to give generously to utilize its capacities and skills and invest in its resources and potential, so that it can build a great and illustrious present and prepare for a decent and prosperous future. Through God’s grace, the Omani people have been granted many of these qualities, and over the past four decades they were able to realize achievements which still stand as clear evidence that cannot be denied by anybody who has the power of vision and insight.

We offer our thanks to the Almighty for His great bounties and we pray and supplicate humbly to Him to grant this generation of Oman’s sons and daughters as well as the upcoming generations the ability to maintain these achievements and preserve and protect them against every malicious enemy, scheming traitor or envious waylay, as these achievements are in their trust for which they will be asked before God, history and their homeland.

Honorable members of the Council of Oman…

Dear Citizens…

We have always affirmed our continued attention to the development of human resources and we said that these resources take top priority in our plans and programs as the human being is the cornerstone of every development structure and a pivotal component around which all types of development revolve as their ultimate goal is the happiness of the individual, providing him with means of a decent living and guaranteeing his security and safety.

As youth are the present and future of the nation we gave them the attention and care they deserve throughout the years of the Blessed Renaissance as the government endeavored to provide them with education, training, qualifications and employment opportunities.

The forthcoming stage will witness, with God’s permission, bigger attention and greater care to provide more opportunities for the youth in order to consolidate their gain in knowledge, strengthen their talents in creation and production and increase their participation in the comprehensive development march.

As education is the basic pillar of progress and development, and in order to produce a responsibly aware generation with expertise and skills, and aspiring to a higher level of knowledge, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the educational march in order to achieve these aspirations and benefit from the available job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

The construction, economic, commercial and industrial projects established during the past stage in various parts of the Sultanate have absorbed many national workers and the private sector has proved its cooperation in shouldering the responsibility as it assumed a tangible role in cooperating with the government and boosting sustainable development efforts. We are looking forward to a greater role to be played by the private sector in the future, particularly in the field of the development of human resources.

We are looking with satisfaction at the efforts made by the government during the recent past in implementing our directives to employ thousands of our sons and daughters in the civil, security and military sectors, and we could also like to express our appreciation for the efforts made by the private sector in this important domain.

Honorable members of the Council of Oman…

Dear Citizens…

The State’s laws and regulations have guaranteed for every Omani the right to express his opinion and participate with his constructive ideas in enhancing the march of progress witnessed by the country in various arenas.

We have always believed it is important that there should be a wide range of different ideas and opinions, and that people should not be prohibited from thinking freely, because this is evidence of a community’s strength and its ability to benefit from these opinions and ideas to serve its aspirations for a better future and finer, happier life. However, freedom of expression does not mean that any party has the right to force its opinions on others or suppress the rights of others to express their ideas freely, since this has nothing to do with democracy or law; and keeping up with the times does not mean imposing one’s ideas on other people.

This is how our true religion teaches us, as God the Great Almighty commended the faithful in his coherent book by saying “Who conducts their affairs by mutual consultation,” and this also what the laws of the modern age in which we live call for. Also as the monopolization of opinion and its imposition on others should not be permitted, radicalism and immoderation should also not be tolerated because all that will disturb the required balance upon which wise decisions that consider the interest of all were based.

The more thought becomes diverse, open and free of fanaticism, the more it becomes a correct and sound basis for building generation, the progress of nations and the advancement of societies. Inflexibility, extremism and immoderation are the opposite of all this and societies which adopt such ideas only carry within themselves the seeds of their eventual destruction.

As we affirmed the rejection of our Omani society of any claims that do not confirm with our moderate and tolerant nature, we remind all concerned that enlightenment is highly important to understand issues and give no space for baseless speculation, as the Sultanate’s policy is based on achieving balance in life in accordance with God’s saying “But seek with the wealth which God has bestowed on thee, the home of the hereafter, not forget thy portion in this world but do thou good to thee and seek not mischief in the land”- True are the words of Almighty God. We were born in this country with the natural disposition, Praise be to God, of tolerance, good conduct, rejection of bitterness, warding off sedition and abiding by customs and values based on fraternity, cooperation and love among all.

We affirm the need for these good traits and high values to be instilled in our youth from a young age, at home, in school, mosque, club and other educational and nurturing incubators so it will act as a fence protecting them from falling into the abyss of intruding ideas that call for violence, extremism, hatred, fanaticism, being opinionated and non-acceptance of the others, as well as other extreme ideas and opinions that lead to the tearing up of the society, draining its vital powers and leaving it in ruins and utter destruction, God forbid.

Honorable members of the Council of Oman…

Dear Citizens…

Government work, as is well-known, is a matter of trust and responsibility. It should be carried out with total disregard for personal interests and with complete honesty for the service of the community, and it should never countenance corruption.

Here we should like to affirm that corruption must not be allowed in any shape or form; we instruct our government to take all necessary measures to prevent it and we direct all the audit authorities to fulfill their duties resolutely in this regard with the full force of the law, away from doubt and uncertainties, since justice must take its course and become our goal and objective. With God’s assistance, we are continuing to upgrade the judicial and audit institutions with the aim of reinforcing the State institutions. Our support for the judiciary and its independence is a duty to which we have committed ourselves, and we recognize that it is imperative to respect its decisions without favoritism, as all are equal before the law.

Honorable members of the Council of Oman…

Dear Citizens…

We are living in a world that has witnessed rapid developments at regional and international levels that have had a different impact and opposing reactions. As the world is characterized by over-lapping interests and policies we cannot be detached from what is happening around us. The Sultanate has always been known for adopting a clear policy based on cooperation with all in accordance with the firm principles of mutual respect, encouragement of dialogue and rejection of violence in tackling issues, in order to come up with communities where fraternization and stability prevail which will enable nations to continue their development march and achieve their objectives of progress and prosperity in an atmosphere of security, free of disturbances, and encourage the implementation of economic and social plans and programs in accordance with priorities dictated by public interests. We in the Sultanate, and despite the crises swarming the world and the difficulties in predicting their limits, timescale, and their repercussions on the countries’ economy, we endeavor to lessen these impacts by adopting balanced economic policies to preserve our gains and boost our economic plans in various spheres, going forward with determination to complete the establishment of the modern state based on solid foundations that guarantee the continuation of the development of natural and human resources, spreading education, culture and knowledge and providing security and stability and consolidating the basis of institutional work that leads, with God’s assistance, to more progress, prosperity and a decent living for all citizens.

In conclusion, we should like to salute and express our appreciation to all dedicated workers from our Omani sons and daughters, wherever they are and whatever responsibilities they bear, and to all those who have helped to create a better future for Oman and raise its status and prestige to new heights, while protecting its gains and safeguarding its achievements, security and stability. In particular, we salute our armed forces and security services for their sacrifice and selflessness and to them we reaffirm that we shall continue to extend our care and support for the development of their abilities and potential.

Our Lord, make this country peaceful and feed its people with fruits. And be their guide on the straight path.

May God grant you success, and may God’s peace and mercy be upon you.

At the commencement of the opening of the Council of Oman’s fifth term, verses from the Holy Quran were recited.

The opening of the Council of Oman’s fifth term was attended by Their Highnesses, the chairmen of the State Council and the Shura Council, ministers, advisers, commanders of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and Royal Oman Police, members of the State Council and members of Shura Council, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the Sultanate, sheikhs, dignitaries, editors-in-chief of Oman News Agency and local newspapers, editors-in-chief of newspapers and media representatives of other countries.

HE Sheikh Al Fadl Bin Mohammed Al Harthy, Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, in a statement to Al Watan said that the Royal Speech by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has drawn up a clear picture for a new stage of nation building, and it covered various aspects of the development march led by His Majesty the Sultan who laid its base during the past 41 years.

“His Majesty shed light on the coming period which requires more work and serious efforts by the citizen” Al Harthy said, adding that His Majesty the Sultan concentrated on the social responsibility of all in society and establishment in order to raise the country to a new level.

Al Harthy said that the people and government have to carry out their responsibility in order to continue to protect the achievements of the country. The Royal Speech has a great message relating to the various stages of nation building, as His Majesty always depends on progressively equipping the nation for every new stage in accordance with its history, traditions, and customs.

“His Majesty the Sultan stressed the issue of the citizens responsibility and the good manners which is one of the deep-rooted features in Omanis who are known for their good morals,” Al Harthy said, adding that His Majesty called for promoting awareness among youth and educating them to put forward their ideas and to accept others without becoming agitated, which is far removed from the reality of Omanis.

“The homeland has given us so much. The question now is what did we give?” Al Harthy said.

“The Royal Speech stressed the Omani values and principles which are followed by the Sultanate government since the dawn of the Blessed Renaissance under the wise vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said,” Her Excellency Rawiyah Bint Saud Al Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education, said, adding that the achievements of the last four decades have touched upon all domains of development, including social, economic, health, and education fields.

She stressed that the Royal Speech is the beginning of an important stage in the country based on qualifying the human cadres for the future, which is the core for the development march in any sector, as this requires all efforts in order to promote the abilities and talents of the Omani citizen to enable him/her to cope with the latest advances in knowledge.

Rawiyah said that the Higher Education with its different private and public establishments play a vital role in human development, and with the start of this academic year the ministry enhanced the capacity to 28,400 students which forms 56 per cent of the total number of the graduates of the General Certificate of the academic year 2010/2011 with a 34 per cent rise.

The minister also said that the Royal Speech asserts the strategic views to promote and update the universities in the country in order to be ready to impart the latest in education to cope with the world development.

HE Sheikh Khaled Bin Omar Al Marhoun, Minister of Civil Service, lauded the Royal speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said in the Council of Oman. In the speech His Majesty encourages everyone to do his best in order to take part in the development march for a better future. He said that the speech reminded all in society to protect the achievements of the Blessed Renaissance.

“The Royal interest paid by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to the human resources development reflects his sharp vision towards developing the basic development of Omani citizen,” Al Marhoun said.

The minister of Civil Services thanked and expressed his gratitude to His Majesty who showed satisfaction on the efforts taken by the government during the past period which witnessed recruitment of thousands of citizens in the public and private sectors.

Dr. Ali Bin Saud Al Bimani, Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University, expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the builder of the Blessed Renaissance on the occasion of the opening of the fifth term of the Council of Oman.

He said that the Royal speech of His Majesty bears meanings of wisdom and honesty that defines the future path for this country toward greater prospects of pride, glory and prosperity. He stressed that His Majesty’s speech indicated the importance of continuing the development of human resources and that the next stage will witness more attention to youth and education.

He added that His Majesty’s speech about the plurality of opinions and ideas which is evidence of the strength of society and reflected the wise vision of the leader who believes in the importance of community participation in decision-making in national work.

He said that students of the Sultan Qaboos University shall contribute in translating His Majesty’s vision by constructive ideas that contribute to promoting the development march witnessed by the Sultanate.

Dr. Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Harasi, Chairman of the Public Authority of Radio and Television, said that the Royal Speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said on the occasion of the opening of fifth term of the Council of Oman provided a conscious and balanced approach to lead our dear country towards prospects based on justice and freedom of opinion.

He added that His Majesty made the freedom of expression as a basis for the development process in the Sultanate and the freedom of expression is not an emergency but, as indicated by His Majesty the Sultan, is ingrained in the legal framework for the construction of the state and that the plurality of opinions and ideas is a social necessity that indicates the strength and vitality of the community.

Al Harasi added that the speech indicated that the freedom of expression and plurality of opinions and ideas, are of course unlimited, but it is a responsible freedom and the absence of that responsibility leads to tyranny of thought, which is the greatest evil in the nation and community building and His Majesty also warned of extremism and fanaticism in thought, he said.

HE Mohammed Bin Salim Al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs, said that His Majesty in his speech invited everyone to work hard to complete the development march and to preserve the gains of the Blessed Renaissance, indicating that Omanis have inherited civilization which form the base towards progress and prosperity in all fields.

Al Toobi said that the Omani is the base of the development in the Sultanate and His Majesty always protected the citizen and helped him in advancing and developing through education, stressing that balance, tolerance and moderation are the right path towards progress.

He added that the Shura concept stems from the Omani values and is a unique characteristic of the Sultanate according to special vision and development that cope with the stage and its requirements. He added that the citizen became a partner in decisions making through the State Council, Shura Council and government and every one should work for the success of the development plans.

He pointed out that the private sector played a major role in training and rehabilitation of youths and providing employment opportunities for them as this sector is a main partner in the development.

HE Eisa Bin Hamad Al Azeiry, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice, said that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said’s speech on the occasion of the opening of the fifth term of the Council of State is evidence on His Majesty’s determination to continue the development march in various social, political, economic and legislative fields in this dear country.

He added that His Majesty’s speech on justice reflected future visions for this sector. “We are involved in the development of judicial institutions to achieve our ambition to establish state of institutions. Our support to the judiciary and its independence is a duty we committed ourselves, and respect for its decisions is a must and everyone is equal before the law”.

He said that the Ministry of Justice will take efforts to implement the Royal approach of His Majesty the President of the Supreme Council of Justice.

Her Excellency Dr. Madiha Bint Ahmed Al Shibaniyah, Minister of Education, said that His Majesty’s speech addressed the education sector as education, His Majesty mentioned, is the foundation for the building of youths and nations and it should be evaluated to keep pace with the global education developments. So the Ministry of Education will translate the Royal directives into plans during the next stage, she said, adding that the ministry provides education for more than half million students and has the responsibility for the balanced preparation of the students.

She said that His Majesty’s speeches in the beginning of 70s and 80s focused on the speed of the spread of education for he believed in the importance of providing education to all Omanis, while His Majesty’s speeches in the other stages focused on the importance of developing education that was in harmony with the future aspirations so that the educational organization in the Sultanate witnessed a comprehensive development in its all fields.

Madiha said that after a decade of developing education there is a need to evaluate it according to the Royal Directives and the ministry will implement these directives through the preparation of comprehensive assessment plan for all the elements of the educational process.

HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Hinai, Minister of Justice and Deputy Chairman of Judicial Supreme Council, said that the Royal speech by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said at the Council of Oman spells out the way towards the future and more achievements.

“The high judge with its independence is one of the great achievements of the country and one of the fruits gained by 40 years of planning and working under the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan,” Al Hinai said.

He lauded the mention of judge in the Royal comprehensive speech, which reflects continued interest and support to this vital sector, which also add more responsibility on the judges and the Ministry of Justice.

He said that the court complexes spread in the Sultanate’s different parts are now a remarkable signs of the achievements of the Renaissance Era.

HE Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, said the Royal speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said is considered a comprehensive plan which included the original values and principles, as it affirms the basis of the present which is full of achievements and reflects the wise vision of His Majesty the Sultan. He said every one can see, touch and realize the achievements in the Sultanate.

“The infrastructure and development projects reached every span in the Sultanate which makes every citizen feel the meaning of the prosperity and progress,” he said.

He said the Royal speech urged every Omani to play his part in the Renaissance march, and encourage youth to develop their abilities to cope with the comprehensive development witnessed by the country.

Al Shuhi said that the ministry works to translate the Royal vision of His Majesty to achieve the different projects and services in the Sultanate.

HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saied Al Kalbani, Social Development Minister, said that the Royal speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said at the opening of the Council of Oman’s fifth term covered all aspects of the country’s progress and prosperity. Kalbani said that His Majesty the Sultan stressed the importance of the role of all public and private institutions in the progress of this great country.

His Majesty sought cooperation from all departments and coordination between their managements, as well as citizens, for the development of the nation, which has become a role model for the world, thanks to the progress and prosperity achieved under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan.

Kalbani said that His Majesty highlighted the success of plans that targeted the Sultanate’s economic, social and scientific potentials to serve the public interest and promote the country and its regional and international position.

He said that the message in His Majesty’s speech was that the citizens have to work for the progress of the nation and contribute to develop this country which enjoys welfare, security, peace and stability.

HE Khalil Bin Abdullah Al Khonji, Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), said the Royal speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said commended the private sector’s cooperation with the government and support for efforts of sustainable development.

In a statement to Oman News Agency, Al Khonji affirmed the private sector’s commitment to developmental and social responsibilities in cooperation with the government and other civil institutions to achieve the wise vision of His Majesty the Sultan, and help translate development plans into reality.

He said the private sector, which is one of the fruits of the Blessed Renaissance, is always guided by the wise directives of His Majesty.

Meanwhile, the Shura Council held an extraordinary session as per an invitation from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said for oath taking and electing a chairman for the council and two deputies as per article No. 58 repeated in (12) from the Basic Law of the State on Saturday.

The polling process was conducted through a number of public electoral rounds under the supervision of the Secretariat-General and according to procedures set up by the Technical Committee formed as per a decision of the council Secretary-General.

The polling process resulted in the winning of Khalid Bin Hilal Al Ma’awali as the Chairman of the Council who secured 50 votes out of total 84 votes. Salim Bin Ali Al Ka’abi won as the first Deputy Chairman of the council after obtaining 53 votes.

Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Mej’ali won the second Deputy Chairman poll of the council after securing 49 votes.

In a statement, the members of the Shura Council expressed their thanks and appreciation to His Majesty the Sultan for his Royal care to Shura and the progress it reached. The council also expressed its thanks and appreciation to the Omani community for the effective and positive participation in the recent elections to elect representatives for the council.

The council also thanked the Interior Ministry for its effective role in the electoral process and the procedures. In its first round, the elections to the Chairman of the Shura Council witnessed tough contest among nine candidates Saad Bin Suhail Bahwan, Salem Bin Ali Al Kabi, Ali Bin Abdullah Al Badi, Hameed Bin Ali Al Nasri, Kazem Bin Abdullah Al Ajmi, Khalid Bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Ahmed Bin Salem Rafeet, Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Busaidi, and Malik Bin Hilal Al Abri.

Saad Bahwan managed to secure 24 votes, while Khaled Al Ma’awali garnered 21 votes, and Salem Al Kabi got 14 votes, Ahmed Rafeet secured nine votes, Ali Al Badi secured seven votes, Ahmed Al Busaidi got four votes, Hamaid Al Nasri secured two votes, while Malik Al Abri managed a single vote.

In the second round, Khaled Al Ma’awali secured 50 votes while Sad Bahwan secured 33 votes.

The elections for the two deputies of Shura Council chairman also witnessed keen competition among 15 members. Salem Bin Ali Al Kabi, Mohammed Bin Salem Al Busaidi, Salem Bin Suhail Said, Hamoud Bin Mohammed Al Harosi, Hamoud Bin Khalifa Al Rashdi, Said Bin Ghanem Al Miqbali, Hamaid Bin Ali Al Nassri, Mohammed Bin Jumah Al Ra’isi, Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Majali, Fahd Bin Sultan Al Hosni, Yousef Bin Ahmed Al Balushi, Ali Bin Abdullah Al Badi, Khaled Bin Ahmed Al Sadi, Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Shamsi, and Ali Bin Khalfan Al Qatity.

Salem Bin Ali Al Kabi won the seat of the first deputy chairman by securing 53 votes, while the second seat went to Abdullah Bin Kha¬mees Al Majali with 49 votes.

HE Khalid Bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Shura Council Chairman, said the electoral process of the Council chairman and his deputies was done smoothly due to prior preparations by the Secretariat General. Since the dawn of the Blessed Renaissance march, His Majesty the Sultan followed gradual approach to all the State’s issues.

He said the democratic experience in the Sultanate was started in the 80s by establishing a consultative council where its members were appointed by the government then the Shura Council was established in the 90s where its members were elected by the sheikhs and dignitaries then the second phase of opening nomination doors for those over 21 years old. On his member in the council as a representative of his wilayat and becoming the chairman of the council he said that he will do his best in the interest of all.

HE Sheikh Ali Bin Nasser Al Mahrouqi, Secretary-General of the Shura Council, hailed the voting process to elect the Shura Council chairman and his two deputies and said that all members expressed their confidence to the election process. He confirmed that the Secretariat General will support the Shura Council members in the administrative and technical issues.

Regarding the application of the electronic system in screening the voters and announcing the results he said that the Secretariat General did great efforts many days ago and took advantage of experiences where the best and affordable were applied adding that there was full transparency and there were no objection or complaints.

He said the Council will develop the administrative and technical systems within the coming days and there will be a new developed headquarters of the Council.

On his side, HE Salem Bin Ali Al Kabi, First Deputy of the Shura Council Chairman for the Seventh term and representative of the Wilayat of Mahdha, said the elections was conducted in a civilized way, as the secretariat-general of the council made efforts to organize the polling process. “All members are satisfied, as the polling procedures was transparent,” he said. Omani citizens are expecting a lot from the Shura Council, he added.

HE Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Majali, Second Deputy Chairman of the Shura Council and representative of the Wilayat of Masirah, highlighted that the Shura Council seeks to play a major role for the citizens. He also hoped a positive cooperation between the citizens and the Shura members.